• What is Karmic Energy? Karmic Energy is an initiative aimed at delivering innovative products and services that enable the oil & gas industry to take advantage of breakthrough technology, bringing balance between the energy resource development America needs for security and prosperity and the imperative to protect the environment and people that surround oil & gas operations. Karmic Energy brings harmony to these seemingly incompatible goals in order for America to benefit from its abundant natural resources below and above the ground.
  • What is the Karmic Energy Automated Tank Measurement & Monitoring System? The Karmic Energy Automated Tank Measurement & Monitoring System (ATMMS) is the first innovation being brought to market. It is a fully automated wireless system that provides instant and continuous water level and temperature readings of the water tanks and reservoirs utilized in the fracking process.
  • What problem does the Karmic Energy system solve? Presently, water tank monitoring at fracking sites consists of workers taking linear measurements of water levels by physically measuring, or “sticking,” each tank then entering readings into logbooks. The current process is unsafe, slow, and prone to errors. Workers can slip on or fall from a tank. Measurements can be conducted intermittently and inconsistently through the day. Manual measurement can be misinterpreted and inaccurate. Undetected leaks or ruptures could lead to disruptive, even catastrophic, accidents.
  • How does Karmic Energy system solve this problem? The Karmic Energy system utilizes touchless tank sensors to make real-time measurements of the water volume in virtually any shaped tank, pond, or reservoir. The sensors are polled every second by an on-site mobile transmission station which sends tank readings locally to ruggedized, Wi-Fi connected tablets running the Karmic Energy tank monitoring application. Simultaneously, the mobile transmission station is connected to the Internet via a built-in satellite transceiver allowing near real-time access to tank readings from remote office locations or anywhere in the world.
  • How is the Karmic Energy solution different from other electronic tank measurement solutions that already exist? Other electronic measurement solutions do indeed exist in the market, but require expensive custom engineering and fabrication, on-site construction, and can take up to six months to set up. Only the Karmic Energy solution is connected to the Cloud and designed for trouble-free mobility, autonomous operations, and quick setup that requires no specialized logistics or technical expertise.
  • How does the Karmic Energy system operate autonomously? At the core of the each Karmic Energy worksite is a solar-powered and satellite-connected mobile transmission station (MTS) that houses computer servers and communications systems in a light-duty, SUV-towable, crane-liftable trailer. The trailer, which measures about 6′ by 10′, is designed and constructed to withstand widely fluctuating temperatures and wind speeds up to 100 miles per hour. In addition to withstanding harsh weather conditions, the mobile transmission station’s solar power system is designed to operate without sunlight for up to seven days — an important feature, especially in winter months when exposure to sunlight can be limited.When activated, the MTS automatically detects deployed tank sensors, even as new sensors are added. On-board computers and communication systems self-boot when turned on — even after an unexpected loss in power. The satellite transceiver antenna has 10 degrees of tolerance and does not require ultra-accurate line of sight.
  • How long does it take to set-up? Is it complicated? Does is require specific expertise? Typically, an entire site of 10 tanks can be up and running within a few hours. The entire Karmic Energy system, including the web-based software application, requires no special training or technical expertise. The mobile transmissions station trailer need only be parked in an east-west orientation so that the deployed solar panels and satellite transceiver antenna face southward (in the Northern Hemisphere).
  • What is the maximum number of tanks one Karmic Energy system can measure? The system has no practical limitation on the number of tanks that can be measured and monitored at a single site.
  • What types of tanks can the Karmic Energy system measure? There is no limitation to types of tanks or reservoirs that the system can measure. The system currently includes 12 of the most common water tank styles to choose from, including fixed-axle trailers, man-made ponds, and a variety of industry-standard tanks with more being introduced daily.
  • What does the tank sensor measure? The tank sensor measures water depth, water temperature, and ambient temperature outside the tank.
  • Does the tank sensor utilize a float or physical probe inside the tank? No. The Karmic Energy system tank sensors are solid state and touchless.
  • How are the sensors installed in the tank? Sensors can be installed two different ways. One way is to connect the sensor by means of a fixed arm that is attached near the opening of the tank. The other way is to drill a standard 2 1/2″ hole into the top of the tank and insert the sensor into the hole.
  • Are the sensors reusable? Yes. There is no practical limit to the number of the times the sensors can be used.
  • Can the Karmic Energy system monitor multiple fracking sites? Each fracking site requires a separate Karmic Energy system, however the cloud-based software is capable of monitoring multiple sites simultaneously. Mobile site workers who are connected directly via Wi-Fi to the local mobile transmission station have visibility to real-time data at that site.
  • What satellite network does the Karmic Energy system utilize? The system utilizes the Immarsat satellite network.
  • Do remote office locations require a satellite transceiver to access site and tank measurements? No. Remote locations access site and tank metrics via a web application. Remote users require only Internet access through conventional means.
  • When is the Karmic Energy system available? The Karmic Energy system will be generally available in Summer 2015. The system is presently available under limited release pending final certifications.
  • How much does the Karmic Energy system cost? The Karmic Energy system is acquired as a monthly service agreement and not available for purchase. The monthly service agreement is available on a month-to-month basis or for extended time periods.
  • Are there are other fees above and beyond the monthly service agreement? No.
  • How do you keep inventory of your monitored tanks and mobile transmission station(s) from location to location as they are relocated? Each mobile transmission station transmits its GPS location to the Cloud during each data transmission session and in real-time while in motion. The Karmic Energy online app allows geographic tracking of all sites and all tanks being monitored by the system.

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