Accurate Data Requires
Accurate Measurement

Navigation control signal from the shore to the boat.A 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum radio system is used up to a range of about 1500-2000 m. Control of the boat is achieved by a joystick operation on the shore. This system also provides telemetry of the boat’s main battery power level to the shore unit.

Each remotely-operated survey boat requires three specific components, including:

The Xacteye boats are designed with the surveyor in mind. The hull shape, propulsion, radio communication, and sonar instrumentation provide an easy to use and powerful option for the hydrographic surveyor working on inshore hydrographic projects. Our boat offers unmatched convenience for jobs where access to the survey area is poor, or conditions are unsafe.

Survey technicians are able to stay safe and dry on shore while the Xacteye boat travels through a water source collecting geo-referenced depth information from an onboard shallow water single beam survey system.

The Xacteye boat is a remote-controlled, robotic survey vessel that enables hydrographic surveying to take place quickly and accurately, while safely collecting and analyzing shallow inland bathymetry data.

The finished hydrographic survey can be used to determine that your pond has been constructed to your specifications and that its full water volume can be utilized.  The data from the survey can be used to make decisions to determine reserve capacity throughout high capacity fracking operations.  The data can be integrated into the Karmic Energy monitoring system to give live data about a ponds water volume from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.  Giving you decision making power at your fingertips.

Accurate pond or tank measurement is available using the KE-Boat. The KE-Boat is a remote, unmanned vessel that is equipped with an automated geo-referenced depth system and computer system, as well as special software to process and chart data of a pond or tank.

Data transmission from the boat to the shore operator. As the boat may be out of visual range for much of the survey, its position and depth data should be visible to the operator in real time. This is achieved by an on-board telemetry module (CCM) that accepts up to three RS232 serial inputs – GNSS position, depth soundings, and boat heading from a magnetic compass. These data streams are recorded on an internal memory card in the order they are received, and simultaneously transmitted to the shore using either an industrial Bluetooth or high power Freewave (Boulder, USA) spread-spectrum radio. On the shore PC, a serial COM port is used to receive the NMEA0183 format messages.

Data display and acquisition software on the shore PC. Readily available hydrographic surveying software can be used to manage the remotely-operated boat survey workflow.

The Xacteye boat is a fast, reliable, accurate, and surveyor-tested remote survey system. With an echo-sounder selected specifically for use on a remote vessel and can be configured to suit every survey challenge and budget.

Instead of mobilizing a manned boat or putting people on the water in a hazardous location survey, simply launch the Xacteye boat and start surveying immediately. The boat’s echo-sounder and GPS are integrated with a radio modem data transmission system allowing the operator to view the boat track in real time on the shore laptop. Not only can soundings be reviewed as the data is collected, but survey lines can be easily followed with help from the laptop display.

The Xacteye boat’s portable design makes it quick and easy to transport from pond to pond by a single technician that also helps speed up the survey process and lower costs.


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