7 Seconds is the difference between a minor incident
and a major business disruption.

Hydraulic fracturing equipment I subject to a great deal of vibration and  high temperatures, which have led to many fuel and hydraulic line failures resulting in catastrophic fires. These fires can put people’s lives at risk, destroy expensive equipment, and have a disastrous impact on the environment-all of which not only disrupt operations, but also carry financial costs that could destroy a business.

The Karmic Energy EFSS comprises two components that quickly suppress and isolate fires, crating a barrier from other trucks and preventing further loss.

With Karmic Energy EFSS at the rear of the truck, the external fire hose can be operated at a safe distance from a fire. Instantaneously, the compressed air foam system nozzles emit a foam discharge to create a cool zone and extinguish fire.

Don’t wait for the fire department.

Respond immediately with the Karmic Energy System! Transform your equipment into a fire truck with the installation of a Karmic Energy EFSS system. The system is equipped with 100 feet of fire hose, allowing adjacent trucks to assist in suppressing fires—essentially turning them into 500-gallon foam fire engines. The foam barrier deployed by the adjacent trucks stops a fire from spreading laterally.

 Karmic Energy foam agents are totally green, non-corrosive and require NO cleanup.


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