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03/06/2015 News

Karmic Energy Automated Tank Measurement & Monitoring System is introduced for Frac water tanks.

Designed to increase frac site productivity with accurate water tank level and temperature measurement, the new systems are solar powered, satellite-linked, and wireless.

They are designed to be put in the field and operated with no technical intervention. As truly mobile systems, they can be quickly moved to water storage and transfer sites as demands change.

Systems measure practically any shape tank, pond, reservoir in real time to send data locally to ruggedized Wi-Fi-connected tablets running the tank monitoring application. They also transmit to the Internet via built-in satellite transceiver for remote access anywhere.

Typically an entire set of ten tanks can be up and running within a few hours with no practical limitation on the number of tanks or sites that can be measured and monitored. The system presently has a selection of 12 of the most common water tank styles.


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