Introducing the industry’s first real-time fully automated, satellite-linked, instant-on, mobile tank measurement and monitoring system.

Solutions We Offer

Karmic Energy’s innovative solutions deliver the latest oilfield automation technology, providing real-time analytics, accountability, safety, and profitability.

Karmic Energy offers the most versatile tank sensors and flowmeters to measure tanks, ponds, flow rate, chemical totes and much more without the need to configure the sensor to the tank. Fast accurate data is the key to successful decision making processes.

Water Station

Karmic Energy has built a water station located 7 miles north of Pyote, TX on Hwy 115.  It enables truck access on the west side of the highway. Trucks can be filled directly from...

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Site Monitoring

Without warning, too much or too little water – in a matter of seconds – can bring a multimillion dollar operation to a halt. Avoid unrecoverable hours and days of downtime and...

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Fire Suppression

Hydraulic fracturing equipment I subject to a great deal of vibration and  high temperatures, which have led to many fuel and hydraulic line failures resulting in catastrophic...

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Xacteye Hydrography

Navigation control signal from the shore to the boat.A 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum radio system is used up to a range of about 1500-2000 m. Control of the boat is...

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How Karmic Energy's Automation Technology Works

Wireless Sensor


Smart, solar-powered wireless sensors — easily deployed within minutes.

Mobile Transmission Station


Mobile, solor-powered unit - rugged and ready to run.

Satellite Linked and Wi-Fi Connected


Multi-mode connectivity for seamless, secure access.

In the Office/Field


Real-time tank metrics at your fingertips — on-site and anywhere in the world.


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